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There are many reasons why we spend as much time as possible getting to know our clients as part of our process. For one thing, open and honest communication only comes with time, and developing this kind of relationship is crucial to understanding your financial goals. Another is that we recognize that it’s sometimes difficult for the client to articulate what their own goals happen to be. And once those goals are articulated and the plan is developed, when is the right time to prioritize certain components? And what happens if circumstances change? The reality is that our line of communication with our clients is what allows us to navigate the changing life stages that everyone goes through.

Because of this, we tailor our services based around the major life stages that make up a financial plan. We have categorized these stages into four groups, which encompass the general path that we take during our working career, preparing for and then enjoying retirement. The first is Financial Foundation, where the building blocks of your financial plan are established. Next is the Pre-Retirement stage, where we begin to take the steps necessary to successfully enter the Retirement stage. This is the stage when we are drawing from the portfolio without a traditional income, to support your financial goals. Finally, there is the Legacy stage, where we look at additional goals that can be achieved with your resources, once the Retirement has been comfortably managed.

Financial Foundation

Most individuals do not have a clear plan for achieving financial goals. First, through interviews, risk analysis, and candid discussions, we help clients define their goals and objectives.

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Once a foundation has been put into place, but several years (at least) before retirement commences, it usually makes sense to take a step back and take a look at the state of your financial plan.

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Congratulations! Retirement! This is alternately a celebration of a long-term goal fulfilled, and a sometimes scary proposition.

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One aspect of a successful Retirement stage is that you can start to look beyond your own needs, and consider ways to transition your assets for future generations or charitable contributions.

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